Burial or Cremation

Many people are surprised to learn there is little difference in overall cost between burial and cremation—when the family already own a grave. The purchase of a new grave however can significantly add to the cost of a funeral.
Burial remains the most frequently chosen interment method in Ireland, as many families desire a permanent final resting place for their loved ones. Some, but not all cemeteries offer single and family plots, so if your preference is for generations to be buried together, the relevant questions need to be asked. In order to open an existing grave we will need the grave number. Alternatively, you will need to provide the details of the person, or persons previously interred in that grave. We will then take care of all necessary arrangements.

During the cremation process, both the body and the coffin are cremated. The ashes are usually available within 48 hours following the cremation. Options for the final resting place are varied. You may choose to have the remains interred in an existing family grave, or scattered in a significant location. We have a selection of Urns and Keepsakes also.

We will carry out all relevant and legal procedures, from serving as acting witness to the Application for Cremation, to organising the completion of Medical Certificate by the deceased’s attending doctor. If necessary, we will also arrange for the completion of a Coroner’s Certificate for Cremation and the removal of implants, such as pacemakers, if necessary.